Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Croc pile

I'm in love with these little wooden crocodiles, that try to look tough but meanwhile are the cutest little creatures I can think of. They are designed by Karl Zahn for the lovely AREAWARE (you know I'm a fan of their wooden toys) and can be stapled in a dozen ways (hence their stage name 'CROC PILE'). Although not considered suitable for children under 36 months, I couldn't resist buying these little acrobats for our soon-to-be-expected baby to play with in due time (which as you understand is just a lousy excuse for buying them to have them myself ;)).

© Eva V.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Last week I went to see Maria Jobse in her studio in Amsterdam. She makes the most beautiful bags (I have one, as shown on the blog before). I had been looking for a proper bag for work for a while (right now I'm using my Fjällräven Kanken, which is really convenient but not necessarily the smartest option around ;)) and found this pretty suitcase on Maria's website. After contacting her to see where I could see it in real life, Maria invited me over to her studio.

So there I went and we had the best time (well, at least I had ;)). I think we talked for more than an hour over tea and chocolate about so many things - intuition, creativity, finding a balance between commerce and authenticity, and much more. It almost felt like catching up with a friend. But there was also the reason of my visit (we almost forgot): the suitcase! It was even prettier than on the photos and I decided to go for it. Since it was a sample and some elements still needed a final finishing touch, I don't have it yet so right now I'm practicing in being patient (not that I need any working bag at the moment, as my maternity leave just started (hooray!), but I might just stretch it's purpose to everyday necessity ;)).

I'm really curious how Maria's brand and company will develop. It started only a few years ago, but seems already quite established. I'm sure there is a lot potential. Maria was kind enough to let me take some photos in her cozy studio - see below (the suitcase in the front on the first photo is going to be mine!).

© Eva V.

Monday, 29 September 2014


Last weekend I climbed Mont Ventoux in France. Well, climbing... I didn't exactly bike my way up like my super fanatic colleagues did (I was on a business trip), but - as it suits a pregnant girl (yesss, another baby on its way! :)) - I drove a car (hey, someone needs to take care of the cheering and action photography!). Anyhow, at the top, there was this view. Quite surreal with that round thing (apparently a weather station) don't you think? Reminds me of some Star Wars episode (not that I ever watched a Star Wars movie, but still). Can you see the spaceships coming? ;)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Glass inspection

One of my friends for this summer were (sorry, are! Summer isn't officially over yet, or is it?) my new Han Kjobenhavn glasses (the black ones pictured) that I got now that my E&E glasses got broken (again!) (yes, you read that right, I only buy new glasses when necessary). I really like their marble look and that the bows have another colour than the glass part. The brown glasses pictured belong to my friend Shino and they're Illesteva's. Wouldn't mind wearing those either. Can we say that roundness still rules?

© Eva V.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A lovely weekend with friends (Part III)

Yep, it was that time again: Summer on Vuurtoreneiland! We were lucky enough again to get tickets this year and went with our dear friends Lasse & Shino and Fleur & Fabian. Like last year the food was not perfect (the best part was actually the desert, which was really good), but the atmosphere is fantastic and we had a wonderful evening again. I couldn't resist taking some more pictures - see below. My advice: make sure to receive the island's updates (the best way is through Facebook I guess) and book yourself some tickets for next year!

© Eva V.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meanwhile in Piemonte, Italy...

... enjoying nature, food, family & friends

(this is the view from our house!)

© Eva V.

Monday, 18 August 2014

A lovely weekend with friends (Part II)

New in town and there for just six months, is Felix &Foam, a temporary cooperation between Foam, Frame and restaurant Foyer located in the monumental building Felix Meritis in Amsterdam. You can find exhibitions, films, events, cool shops and a restaurant there. So when in Amsterdam, make sure to check it out!

© Eva V.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Shirt alert // A lovely weekend with friends

Our friends Lasse & Shino from Berlin came over for the weekend again. We had the best time. There were cool shirts involved (see below) and there was more. I will show/tell more about it later.
p.s. this picture was taken in Goede Vrijdag, the cutest little coffee bar in Utrecht, opened not so long ago in a little bridge keeper's house... (exciting, no? And guess what, it's only a minute walk from my house! :-)))))
p.p.s. Shino is wearing Marimekko, Lasse Issey Miyake.

© Eva V.

A little food intermezzo

Because you didn't think I could be in Basque country without trying some local sweets, right? If you're in San Sebastián and in for something sweet, go to Otaegui, supposedly the best pastelaria in town, and order yourself a coffee eclair (not pictured) - ok I know, not particularly Spanish, but I promise it will be goood :)